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Compassionate Ericksonian

Compassionate Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a, relatively new, empirical form of therapy that utilises naturally occurring trance states to help clients overcome problems in an inviting and compassionate way. Thanks to recent discoveries within neuroscience we now understand more about how hypnosis works; what happens within the brain as well as evidence proving its effectiveness at affecting thought processes? Where originally only observations were available on this topic before scientific inquiry began--now there's proof!


Our sense that we are experiencing the ‘present moment’ is actually an illusion. Buddhist psychology has taught this fundamental principle for 2600 years, but modern day western culture took a long time to accept it; in order to take advantage of these new insights that combine and reconcile cutting edge neuroscience and ancient Buddhist teaching about how humans experience reality. Compassionate Ericksonian principles  and hypnosis  can change your perception on what you think will happen next and create lasting positive change without any conscious effort.


Compassionate Ericksonian Hypnosis doesn't actually change the present - it can’t, as we are always living in a past moment. Instead of trying to alter what has already happened and be done with it for good (which would mean erasing all memories), therapy sessions focuses on making changes that will last longer-term by teaching clients how they might better perceive themselves during different points throughout their day or week so when these moments arise again next time around instead off just reacting automatically like before without thinking anything through first ,you'll act quite differently.


Compassionate Hypnosis helps us communicate with the part of our brain that controls all behavior by bypassing conscious critical thought. To do this effectively, we  use Ericksonian techniques which are much more successful than traditional hypnosis; these allow for creation and delivery of indirect solution using language patterns whose meaning is understood solely by unconscious mind delivered With Compassion & Love.

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